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Welcome to Pharmagen

Our company was created in 1992 and formerly well known as ALIAPHARM GMBH FRANKFURT. Since 2003 we are continuing the supply of cGMP active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), fine chemicals and organic intermediates as well as finished drug formulations under the group name PHARMAGEN.

The main specialized products for APIs are Codeines, Morphines, Penicillins, Prostaglandines and for organic intermediates like Isocyanates. For more detailed information please click on the link - core products.

Our offices in China and India are staffed with experienced teams in visiting our manufacturers, conducting audits and assisting in  preparation  as well as translation of needed documents. By our strong supplier portfolio in this industry sector we are able to offer an extensive range of products under just one single roof.

We strive for the most innovative high performance specialty products and add continuously new product ranges to answer the needs of our clients worldwide. Our main EU offices are situated in -


Germany - Pharmagen GmbH,  Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 36, 60325 Frankfurt
Slovakia - Pharmagen s. r. o., Poštova 4, 92101 Piešťany, Slovak Republic


Please feel free to contact us through the Web site by sending an e-mail with your request to:
a.bergmann@pharmagen.de    or    martin.sopuch@pharmagen.sk