CAS No: 507-20-0

Common name: tert-Butyl chloride; Tertiarybutylchloride; Trimethylchloromethane
Molecular weight: 92.57
Molecular formula:(CH3)3CCl


Colorless transparent liquid. Soluble in ethyl alcohol and diethyl ether,
poorly soluble in water. mp-26°C, bp50~52°C, d4200.84.

Quality index:

Item Requirement Analytical method
Appearance colorless liquid Visual inspection
Purity (GC%) ≥ 99.0% GC
Isobutylene (GC%) ≤ 0.6% GC
Other things(GC%) ≤ 0.3% GC
Color (APHA) ≤ 30 Visual inspection
Moisture (wt%) ≤ 0.03% K.F method

Uses: organic synthesis and solvent.
Packing: 200L PE drum (or 200L PVF-coated steel drum), net weight 160KG/drum, or at the request of clients.
Transpartation: to protect from rain, damp, and light Storage: keep in cool and dry place.